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Christianity does not have a monopoly on truth and good but...

There is much that is good, great even, about the Muslim faith. Islam has high ethical standards in many areas, good community cohesion and education values.

Hinduism, likewise, has much to commend it.

The Jewish religion is, of course, the foundation of Christianity.

The Buddha said some very wise things and some Buddhist practices are helpful.

However, none of them bring salvation. Peter the Apostle was incredibly bold when he declared in front of the highly intimidating Jewish Council: “Salvation is to be found in him (Jesus) alone. In all the world there is no one else whom God has given who can save us.”

I was approached by a Muslim in the village two weeks ago handing out leaflets. We had a brief exchange. I said we have Jesus in common. Muslims venerate Jesus but unfortunately they do not believe that he is God, only a prophet and they do not believe he died on the cross for our sins. There is, in the Muslim faith, no God who has come to earth to become fully human in order to take the punishment for our sins. They do not have someone who died for them in order that we can have eternal life. This is why ‘Salvation is to be found through him alone.’

Lacey Sturm is an American singer. In telling her story she concluded: “The truth is there is no other way besides Christ and what he did. There is no life outside of that.”



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