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Rising again

Few of us will have been unmoved by the sight of Notre Dame Cathedral burning so furiously. President Macron said shortly afterwards that it would ‘rise again’, perhaps an intentional reference to Easter. In reality it will be the skill, dedication and love, yes love, of the many hundreds of craftspeople who will be involved in the repair and rebuilding that will enable it to rise again.

On a very different scale the same can be said about one of my favourite TV programmes, ‘The Repair Shop’. In this, a wide variety of objects, often of high sentimental value, are repaired and resurrected to a state that the owners remember them in. Again, it’s the skill and love that the craftspeople put into them that brings them back to a usable condition.

There is much in our world that needs resurrection too. Care of the environment and nature; respect for our fellow man; careful use of limited resources; and more. Only with real love can we make any difference.

The cross shows God’s incredible love for his creation and Jesus’ resurrection forever changed the world. If Jesus hadn’t risen from the dead we would have no hope of our sins being forgiven, no hope of heaven. Yet how do we react to this in our everyday lives?

When you and I begin to learn and look at life through the cross and realise that God worked there to make it possible for sins to be forgiven, turning the worst into the best, then we can confidently commit our lives to his all-conquering love and in this way the principle of the cross is transposed into our lives”. - Selwyn Hughes



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