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Jesus our great High Priest

We are told that ‘the Word of God pierces through to the place where soul and spirit meet – to the inmost intimacies of our being. It exposes the very thoughts and motives of a person’s heart’ (v12).

‘Nothing is hidden from God, He sees through everything and we will have to tell Him the truth’ (v13).

For most of us it’s quite a scary (perhaps a very scary) thought that we cannot hide from God. He knows us completely, even the parts that we are ashamed of, or deny, or keep hidden from everybody else.

How wonderful then, and reassuring, that we have Jesus who knows all about us and loves us unconditionally, as our intermediary; Jesus, who became a man and experienced human life to its fullest and who therefore fully appreciates our situation. Not only does He appreciate what it’s like for us He can, and will, help. For He came to save us from condemnation.

Approach the throne boldly! (v 16). The word for ‘boldness’ means ‘we have freedom of speech’, ‘be ready to speak’. If we were invited to approach our Queen we would be obligated to observe strict protocol regarding how we would be expected to dress, act, speak, what to say and when to say it (or not).

How wonderful then, that when we approach God we are free to be ourselves, to speak freely and honestly and then to receive His free gift of grace and mercy.

David Spencer

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