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Mission of the Month

Church Missionary Society

Their story began more than 200 years ago with a group of Christians whose hearts were stirred to put their call into action. Together they worked to abolish the slave trade, fought for the rights of oppressed people at home and they launched out on dangerous seas to share Jesus with the world. The effects of their efforts – as well as the work of thousands of men and women who have followed in their footsteps – are still seen and felt across the globe.

The call today

We believe all of God’s people are called to join in God’s mission. But there are lots of things that keep people from putting this call into action: confusion, fear, busy-ness, lack of resources, lack of support; the list goes on.

We want to cross things off that list and help set people free from whatever is holding them back from mission. For some people, this will mean going overseas; for some this will mean staying local.

Currently, there are CMS people in 40 countries. Some have been sent from Britain and Europe, some by their local church in partnership with us, some through our sister societies CMS-Africa and Asia CMS. And we are committed to helping Christians in the UK receive the gifts of the global church.”

We in particular support Garry Ion, who works with CMS in Uganda, helping churches undertake building projects. Phil Richards is our link person. Talk to him if you’d like Garry’s “link letter” on a regular basis.


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