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Your spiritual life is meant to grow

Just next door to our new house in Andover is a huge oak tree. It’s a beautiful tree and it’s fascinating just to see what goes on within it. It is like a world all of its own in there. A whole range of birds use it as a resting and meeting place. And it all started with an acorn the size of your thumb nail.

Jesus said that the Kingdom of God works like this – except that he used a mustard seed, which is even smaller than an acorn. The point is that if it works as it should, our faith will start off in us small but it should grow and grow and grow. The parable is often used to describe churches and the kingdom of God itself. Indeed the Christian faith began with one man (Jesus), then 12 apostles and 120 believers, then 3000 (Acts 2:41). Now there are over 2 billion believers in Christ across the world and people are coming to faith in him by the hundreds every day.

But it is also a parable of how the word of God should grow in you and me. Our faith should grow if it is working properly. Your relationship with the Lord should grow. Your spiritual life should grow and grow. And when it does, many other people will benefit from your faith and your understanding and experience of God in your life. The parable says that many birds can perch in the shade of the tree. How many are able to benefit from your growing faith?


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