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Mission of the Month

We support a number of missions and pray for a different one each month. In August we’re praying for:

St Philip’s Theological College, Kongwa, Tanzania

The college was started by CMS in 1914 to train Christian leaders for the Anglican Church and other Protestant Churches. Since then St Philips' emphasis has been in the training of men and women towards Church leadership and the ordained ministry with additional emphasis in offering special training to the pastors’ wives so that the couples are prepared together.

Their vision:

“By our work and our people, to spread the good news of Jesus’ gospel through Tanzania and beyond by prayers, teaching, example and mission”.

Their mission:

“To educate priests as disciples of Jesus Christ, to preach the gospel, to minister to their communities, and to achieve lasting change for the better wherever they work”.

Their future plans:

“Creative education approach - training priests for mission, as well as teaching classic theology”.

“Teaching case studies using the Bethesda Program outreach to handicapped families, and the drip feed irrigation scheme”.

“More focus on the women’s group, Godly Play and teaching building skills”.

“Developing as a training institution for other Bible Colleges - co-operation and leadership rather than competition”.

Taken from St Philip’s College website. Janet Allen, who visits St Mary’s from time to time, is Administrator at St Stephen’s. IH.

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