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St Mary's

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Overton Church Heritage Fund

Our Village Heritage

image of ChurchOverton is a wonderful place to live and a thriving community. It has attractive buildings, beautiful countryside and enjoyable social activities. One of the central aspects of our community is the village church.

St Mary’s is a place where the people of Overton can come for worship, to ask questions and learn about faith, as well as for weddings, baptisms, funerals and national events like Remembrance Sunday. Whether you come to worship at St Mary’s or whether you enjoy this jewel of historic Hampshire we need your support.

If your church is to continue and grow as a resource for all the people of this community who live here and for future generations, we need your help. Without your assistance and support there may not always be a church building here when you need it.

We hope you will take a few moments to read more and consider if there is any way you can support this wonderful historic building.

What is 'The Overton Church Heritage Fund'?

The church is a Grade II* listed building which means that it is of national as well as local importance. It also means that every repair (and several are needed!) has to be authorised and must use appropriate (i.e. expensive) materials. The clock for instance, is in need of urgent repairs estimated to cost around £15,000. More ...

The Overton Church Heritage Fund (OCHF) was launched in spring 2017 to build provision for these important repairs. The terms of reference of the Fund are such that any money donated must be used for the repair or refurbishment of parts of the fabric of the building that are at least 100 years old. The church itself has already given £1,000 to the fund out of its reserves and we hope that you will want to play a part in passing our Church Building on to future generations in the way it was passed to us.

To read more, see a letter to the community or to respond, use this form.