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What are Home Groups?

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Short answer: Small groups of people meeting in homes mid-week.  

How can we be better Christians? How can we get the friendship and encouragement to keep going we need during the week?

The main way to grow in faith at St. Mary's is through membership of a Home Group which we encourage everyone to join.

This is the setting in which we can share our lives with others and receive the support and encouragement that we need as Christians. In each group we try to get to grips with a book of the Bible or an issue that will help us in our faith or service of God. We pray together (you don’t have to pray out loud) and share any matters of concern.

Home Groups 2016

Ben Turner (772022772022)

Meets weekly on a Monday evening at 8:00pm, in Ben & Rachel's home in Waltham Road. A good biblical study group.

Margaret Burrows (770008770008)

Meets weekly on a Tuesday morning from 10:00am - 12:00 noon and is currently meeting at Mary Bettle's house in Winchester Street. The group are all ladies and span the age range from young mums to people who are advancing in years and everything in-between.

Doug Delbridge (773344773344)

Meets weekly on a Tuesday evening at 7:30pm. A good mixed group, who again have a mix of study and a fun/social aspect.

Pete Silverwood (770243770243)

Meets on Tuesday evenings. As well as regular Home Group activities, the group addresses issues that relate specifically to men at church.

Debbie Dennison (770065770065)

Meets weekly on a Wednesday morning at 9:00am. All ladies and a mix of study and discussion. Not all of the members of this group go to St.Mary's.

Pauline Wooster (772083772083)

Meets fortnightly on a Thursday afternoon at 2:30pm in various locations (Group members homes that can accommodate the group)

David Spencer (773649773649)

Meets on a Thursday evening at 7:30pm at various locations. A good mixture of study, discussion and praise.

Mo Hilton (770886770886)

Meets weekly on Thursday evenings from 7:30pm - 9:00pm at various locations depending upon baby-sitters, etc. A mixture of study & fun. The group is mainly made up of ladies, though not exclusively.

To join or to find out more about any of these groups feel free to call the leaders on the phone numbers given.

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