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Resuming services at St Mary's

Restrictions have been relaxed so that we may resume meeting for services, however we must still follow guidance from the Government and the Church of England so that we minimise the risk of exposure/transmission of Covid19.
As a result, although we can meet together and this is a step in the right direction, this is very much not a return to normal. We anticipate this will evolve over time as the situation changes.

How it will be:

  • From 1st November we will have a service at 11:00 am on Sunday, with Holy Communion alternate weeks
  • Holy Communion will be in one kind only
  • No touching during the Peace
  • No singing
  • Social distancing will be maintained
  • No socialising after the service, we will be encouraged to leave promptly

What we have done:

  • We have made sure that the church is sanitised daily, especially frequently touched surfaces, in addition to the regular cleaning
  • Hand sanitiser is available for use
  • We have arranged seating so that social distancing can be maintained – look out for signage and ask our stewards for advice if you are not sure.
  • We have a one way system to help people move around the building safely – down the main aisle and back via the side-aisles – look for the arrows on the floor
  • We have removed all the cushions and bibles and other frequently touched items (please bring your own from home if you feel the need)
  • The downstairs toilets will be open for services, though they are closed at other times, and the cleaning regime will accommodate this
  • Signage has been provided to help with safe practice

What we need you to do:

Do not come if you develop symptoms of, or test positive for Covid19 – follow government guidance regarding self-isolation and testing

  • Consider, in the light of the current guidelines, whether it is safe for you personally to return to church
  • Consider if you feel it is appropriate to wear a face covering
  • Bring your own bible
  • Children are welcome at our services, but remain under the supervision of their parents/carer. They should remain with you in your pew at all times – please bring whatever you need to keep them happy for the duration
  • On arrival at church make use of the hand santitizer provided
  • Please let us record your name and phone number, to facilitate track and trace in the case of an outbreak - these will be held securely by our administrator for 21 days and then destroyed
  • Follow the one way system to facilitate social distancing
  • Don’t sit in pews that are blocked off or already occupied by someone not from your household (some of the long pews with 2 crosses on may accommodate two people from separate housholds safely, as long as they are seated at each end)
  • Please use cashless methods of giving to St Mary’s where possible
  • Be patient and kind, this is very new to us and we may need to make changes as we go along, also some people may be feeling scared or vulnerable.
  • Please let us know asap if you have visited our building and subsequently develop symptoms of, or test positive for Covid19
    Rectory: 01256 589614; Admin: 01256 770717

The church building is also open for quiet, individual, prayer and contemplation during the day. (approx 9am to 5pm).

Please do not use the building to meet with other people for a chat – the quiet garden, past the side of the church rooms, is a great place to do this safely and we would encourage you to make use of it.

We recommend:

  • That on arrival at church you make use of the hand santitizer provided.
  • That you follow the one way system marked on the floor – straight in and turn right down the main aisle; then back out via either side aisle and under the tower.
  • That common sense is used to maintain 2m social distancing from other people who may be using the church at the same time as you. There should be one person to a pew and that if a given pew is occupied, then the pews immediately in front and behind should be avoided.
  • Please note that at present, access to toilet facilities is not available during the week
  • Please let us know asap if you have visited our building and subsequently develop symptoms of, or test positive for Covid19.
    Rectory: 01256 589614; Admin: 01256 770717


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