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An extract from

'The Light that shines in our eyes'

By Kevin Lewis (Part 3)

When you speak to someone you acknowledge their presence
you know we’ve all done that thing when we ignore someone
pretend they are absent
keep our heads down don’t look them in the eye
they won’t notice as we walk by

But God holds our eye contact and embraces our presence
his isn’t someone far away, a distant existence
that he is close, he is here, Emmanuel, God with us

In the beginning God spoke and the world came into being
in the present God speaks and he will keep on speaking
through hell and high-water through birth and bereavement
through abuse and abusing through failure and achievement
to the hopeful and the hopeless
in the fruitful and the fruitless
the joyful and the joyless
God spoke
and God speaks

Could it be true that if we listen
truly listen
through the melee of life
and work and family
and if we put our expectations aside
and maybe our pride
could we hear The Word say a word
feel the breath of God give us life

Could it be that God with us he still dwells
and that we need him if our life is going well
or if it feels like every day is another hell
could it be that he is still Emmanuel
God with us / God for us / God in us.



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