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Using Easy Fundraising

What is it? is a simple and painless way that anyone can use to raise funds for a charity when they purchase something on-line from a wide number of participating retailers. Each time you shop a small percentage of the purchase price, typically 1%, is donated by the retailer to the charity of your choice, at no cost to you.

Who do I need to shop with?

Easyfundraising Retailers image

A full list of participating retailers is available on the easyfundraising website but includes Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, M&S, Next, Tesco, The Body Shop and dozens more, covering food, clothing, white goods, books and most other areas. The say they have over 2700 retailers in the scheme and you'll probably find that the ones you already shop with are there.

How do I start?

To use it you first need to register.

So, go to St Mary's page at

Easyfundraising sign up


You then click 'Sign up for free & support this cause' and register. It's as easy as that to get started.

Is it really that simple?

Yes, and to make it easy to use when you shop on-line, you can install a 'Find and Remind' toolbar in your browser. Then when you start shopping on-line, it reminds you to use Easy Fundraising and takes you to your retailer via your Easy Fundraising account. (The versions for the Chrome and FireFox browsers seems better than the one for Internet Explorer, so if you have Chrome or FireFox, use that).

When you have this installed and go to buy something on-line it automatically prompts you to use Easy Fundraising.

How much can we raise?

Each purchase only makes a few pence but it can quickly add up. We may only make one or two hundred pounds each year but every purchase counts, so please register today and start Easy Fundraising!

We now have 20 people taking part and we've raised over £270 (June 2016), so much larger sums must be possible with lots of us using it.