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Frequently Asked Questions

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Parking your car – There is car parking opposite the church and plenty more in the Recreation ground car park 50 yards further down the road.

Length of service?
Services are usually about an hour in length. Check out the services page for further details.

What should I wear?
We’re more concerned with meeting the real you than with what you wear. You could say that the most common style is relaxed so dress 'casual/smart and you will fit right in. At Laverstoke and the more traditional services (evensong, 8.00 am communion) the style is a little more 'jacket and tie’, but, again, it is not your clothes that matter (admittedly this is a man speaking!)

Can I sit anywhere?
Yes – there are no reserved seats (apart from the leader of the service!). Regular members of the congregation do tend to sit in the same pew each week, but if you sit in 'their’ pew they will be delighted to see someone new and may well join you. We want nothing better than for more people to come and experience faith in Jesus Christ and all that comes with that.

Special needs? - Click here for further details.

Are children welcome?
Yes! Yes! Yes! See elsewhere in this web site for details of the excellent provision for children and young people. They are an essential part of the church family.

Are you 'happy clappy’ or 'ancient and modern’?
Neither. We are committed to worshipping God in a style that most people can feel at home with. We recognise that one style doesn’t fit all so we respect and enjoy both traditional and contemporary worship – see 'Church Services’ for more details.

Can I take communion?
Yes – if you are baptised and confirmed. If you are a baptised member of good standing of other churches you are welcome to receive communion at St Mary’s Overton. If in doubt talk to the Rector. Also if you would like to find out about baptism and/or confirmation the Rector will be delighted to talk to you.

Can I be a Christian without going to church?
Yes – but you will be a much better one and your Christian experience will be so much more meaningful, sharper and helpful if you meet up regularly with other like-minded people. The lump of coal that falls from the fire usually cools before too long. But if it’s our church you have difficulty with come and tell us. We may be able to put it right. If not we can help you find the right church for you.

The offering – how much should I give?
If you are new to the church or a visitor – nothing. Instead of wanting you to give something we want you to get something! However, if you really do want to give then give whatever you feel like giving. The real questions are 'What do I think God is worth ?' 'How much do I owe to Jesus Christ?’, 'What should I keep for myself?’ These are questions that I am sure you will begin to ask if you become a regular member. The most tax-efficient giving is by using the gift-aid envelopes in the pews if you are a tax payer.

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