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Mission Matters

Every year we have had a harvest project to raise money for a good cause. This year our project is different. We are not raising money but raising interest – interest in the missions that we support. That is why we had the Missions Marketplace last September. It is not too late to sign up to receive information, newsletters etc, for any one or more of the mission societies that you feel drawn to. This information will feed our prayers and encourage our giving.

Our regular support
Our church link person

Mission   /   Link Person

Elizabeth Perrin

Church Mission Society (Garry Ion)

Mission Aviation Fellowship
Marilyn Bilson


We also support in various ways:

Andover Food Bank
Elizabeth Mumford

Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East
Alison Hudson

Good News for Everyone (formerly Gideon’s)
Paul Trotman

Mothers Union overseas activities
Trusy Lines

Samara's Aid

Sebastion's Action Trust
Margaret Elkins

St Philip's Theological College, Kongwa, Tanzania
Janet Allen

This flyer gives more details of each of the missions we support.

For more information contact any of the people named above. If you would like to get on to any of the mailing lists for any of the above, please let Adrian Lines know and he will be delighted to pass on your name. Behind each society named above is someone or a number of people who have gone out on a limb for God, taking risks, making sacrifices, in the great adventure that is God’s kingdom. God invites us to join them in this adventure. They need us and when we become partners with them we find, to our surprise, that we need them as well. Home groups are adopting mission interests as well and the response from home groups has been very encouraging.


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