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Monday Bulletin - 23rd March

Dear All

I hope that everyone is keeping safe and well in the midst of these difficult and uncertain times. I will seek to keep you updated on all things church related. My current plan is for a communication like this to come out on Mondays. I will then aim send out a midweek thought for the day on Wednesday/Thursday and our Sunday Services page will then be ready for people to access through the website on Sunday.

The Church building  Updated 25th March:
The church building is now closed in line with the latest Government advice.

Pastoral care
It is essential that we all look out for each other in whatever ways are appropriate and possible through this time. Our Home group support network will come into its own through these days and further guidance will be issued by David Spencer in due course as to any other ways that pastoral care might best be carried out.

I imagine that the particular focus of our prayers will vary from week to week – all in keeping with the over-riding Covid19 concern that is presently facing us.

Can I urge you this week, please to pray for:

  • So many of our wedding couples who have had to make the painful decision to postpone their weddings until a later date. Likewise, our baptism couples too.
  • For our Government confronted with a totally unprecedented situation
    (1 Timothy 2:1&2, 1 Peter 2:13)
  • For all members of our church who are working for the NHS whether as doctors or other health care professionals. They need great strength, protection and help from the Lord.
  • For ‘Overton Cares’ as it starts ministering to those in need in our locality. Pray for stamina and wisdom for all those offering help and practical support to people.  

Let’s use everything possible – phone, email, and social media to offer strength and encouragement to one another as we serve God, serve our community and serve each other in these uncertain days.

God bless and stay safe.